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Change Management: Gaining Trust and Empowering Success

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Advancing Your Real Estate Strategy and Portfolio Initiatives Through Program Support

As the world responds to societal shifts in how we live, work and travel, the commercial real estate office sector is continuing to rapidly evolve and change. Each organization will find their own
pathway to address integration of human-centered initiatives into their workplace. For owners and occupiers, this moment poses an opportunity to rethink how we approach these opportunities.

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CRE Forecast: Supply Chain Disruptions

Over the past 18 months, U.S. domestic and global events disrupted nearly all aspects of corporate real estate planning and execution. What began in March 2020 with a pandemic response resulting in temporary halts to construction and planning has evolved through world events into a permanent shift impacting the ways CRE organizations view budgets, schedules, priorities, and the role of the workplace itself.

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a young female entrepreneur sits at her laptop in an empty office surrounded by moving in boxes but as yet no furniture. Behind her colleagues are organising files, and a male co-worker is chatting to a contractor as to where the furniture needs to be going . She is looking through the layout of the office on some plans .

Move Smart, Not Hard

A successful move should be a forgone conclusion, like your luggage arriving with your plane at your destination. But when taken for granted and mismanaged, a bad move can leave a lasting impression that makes your people question the business strategy that led to it. And in this post-COVID world, where burnout is all too real for staff managing office transitions, having a strong, reliable, strategic partner in place can make all the difference.

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