About PPM

PPM began in 2009 in a Seattle home. In the midst of one of the biggest real estate crises in U.S. history, an entrepreneur set out to prove that the commercial real estate industry needed to change. It was time to transform the way project management firms served the industry with a new approach that focused on holistic service. It was time to deliver more than the baseline metrics of success tied to “on time and on budget” goal posts. It was time to challenge the entire way we thought about commercial real estate and the role it plays in how America worked.

Our History

Challenging the Norm to Benefit Clients

Spectrum of expertise 
built from diversity
of people, perspectives and backgrounds

Agile, nimble resources 
with the ability to pivot quickly, 
scale, and operate within “gray” areas

Experience to develop and deliver integrated workplace programs, from strategy to implementation

Objective problem solvers with an unbiased approach to optimize client outcome

Focus on creating, implementing, and operationalizing personalized strategies

National program management platform with the depth and flexibility to allocate and execute in reflection of client needs 

Strategic partner to client teams and consultants who manages initiatives and achieves goals

Solutions-orientation, dedication to project delivery, not constrained by scope or external stakeholders 

Sole purpose in program, workplace, project, and relocation services with deep knowledge, insight, and experience

Innovative thinking that builds 
strategic teams, creative solutions, 
and workplace value

Drive to connect with clients to build trust, eliminate risk, perform better, and institute efficiencies

Teams that live our values, keep commitments, and fulfill promises to ensure client success