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Transition & Relocation Management

Transitioning into new or changed space involves countless details and decisions. Our experts have led innumerable complex projects and are masters of the details, adept at managing chaos to deliver day-one readiness.

With details and logistical decisions that each have cascading impacts on other decisions during any office move or transition, having an experienced, knowledgeable team in place is critical.  Our people-centric focus puts the productivity and potential of your team at the center of our process, providing a seamless experience that ensures business continuity and minimal downtime.

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Master Details

We are in command of every element of workplace transition so you can focus on your day job with confidence—from logistics and moving contents to ensuring the company letterhead is updated.

Control Chaos

No matter what happens, we are in control. There are countless moving parts to any workplace transition. It can feel overwhelming. We are experienced at managing any challenge—planned or unplanned—to ensure a seamless process.

Reduce Downtime

We ensure your team is ready on day one so that productivity is not lost due to move-in logistics. From the copiers and vending machines to internet and phone lines – we ensure your people feel confident to enter the workplace equipped and supported for success.

We take care of the smallest details with a host of services, including:

    • Project planning
    • Move schedule development
    • Logistics and move planning
    • Strategic sourcing, vendor RFP process, and awarding
    • Move communications, engagement and training
    • Move implementation and space activation
    • Post-move assistance and reporting
    • Decommissioning management

We are with you every step of the way so that you can focus on your business, not your move.

Because your people should always be equipped to do their best work.