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Workplace Consulting

In today’s business environment, the workplace is everywhere.

A solid workplace strategy focuses on the importance of recognizing both “place” and “space” as a solution to maximizing the potential of your people and achieving business goals.

Companies today need to adapt to the fluidity of the workplace experience and recognize the “workplace” is about more than amenities, concierge features, or open-plan desk layouts. It is about the “space” — the free movement of people, ideas, and social interaction, informed by the guidelines, tools, and technology developed with leadership, HR, and IT business partners. It is connected and vibrant when thoughtfully considered and can be an incredibly powerful tool for business performance and culture.

For high-performing organizations, workplace strategies must align with business plans. Understanding how your people interact with their physical and mobile work environments allows for development of the right spaces in an increasingly cross-functional and global reality. This holistic perspective positions real estate as an asset with measurable returns.

PPM’s people are proven leaders in aligning business strategy with real estate to ensure you are leveraging your assets strategically, attracting and retaining the right talent, improving productivity, and maximizing the potential of your people.

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Expert Advisors

Following the proliferation of remote working for more than a year, research now indicates that nearly 50% of the workforce
wants to be in the office only two or three days per week in a post-pandemic world. Returning to the way you used to do business is simply not an option. You need expert workplace strategists to help create a plan that will optimize
the potential of your people and realize business goals.

Business-Driven Solutions

Surveys show that nearly 80% of people find that a hybrid model of workplace functionality improves productivity. Tapping into a new workplace strategy can unlock opportunities, enhance employee satisfaction, and accelerate returns on your investment.

Unbiased Approach

Workplace strategies must be unique to an organization’s vision and culture. PPM’s diverse, independent team of strategic experts has a global understanding of workplace and workplace environments. Drawing on that experience, we offer an unbiased approach that presents the best options for individualized workplace strategies.

We offer a comprehensive list of consulting services, including:

    • Portfolio strategy
    • Workplace strategy
    • Program/Project feasibility
    • Change management
    • Operational transformation

We are an entrepreneurial firm, nimble enough to meet the needs of any client with the resources and network of proven, trusted experts that drive meaningful business results.

Strategy helps to uncover value, leveraging real estate to increase organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, and collaboration.