Reimagining your workplace inevitably means change.

When the workplace is disrupted by change—even by positive change—it can cause stress, uncertainty, and decrease productivity. PPM gives you the confidence to focus on what you do best while providing strategic counsel and impeccably detailed service to realize your best workplace.

A Comprehensive Program Of Services

“Copacino + Fujikado would not have been able to effectively manage its TI project without PPM. From day one our senior PM Mandi Hoskins inspired confidence that our construction deadline and budget would be met, and that all design and procurement challenges would be overcome. We could not have asked for better stewardship of our office remodel.”

Dave Kurs, former Director of Finance and Administration. Copacino + Fujikado

“The Everett Clinic has done a number of building projects throughout its history and I can say without equivocation that this project has been one of the best managed projects we have undertaken”

Mark Mantei, COO, The Everett Clinic

“I have spent a career working with PMs, and PPM’s team, led by Jessie <Bresnahan>, is definitely on the upper tier for being flexible, providing clear and consistent communication, dealing with ambiguity, educating our team, being super organized, and providing confidence in the progress of the project.”

Patrick O’Kelley, COO, Bungie

Our Work

PPM has extensive experience in commercial real estate program management across multiple industries around the nation. Below is a sampling of the diversity of our work in Workplace Consulting, Capital Project Management, and Transition & Relocation Management.