Celebrating Our Veterans

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we celebrate the remarkable individuals at PPM who have served in the military. We are deeply grateful for their service to this country and recognize the wealth of experience, dedication, and invaluable lessons that have significantly enriched our team.

With their spirit of discipline, resilience, and leadership acquired during their military service, their stories are a testament to the transformative power of military training. From cultivating a strong sense of teamwork and adaptability to mastering strategic thinking and effective communication, our veteran employees have seamlessly translated their military skills into serving our firm, our clients, and our people.

To all of our military veterans and their families, thank you for your sacrifices in service to our country and for the indelible mark you continue to leave on our workplace, inspiring us all to live up to our STIHL values.

I think what I learned during my time in the military that was/is most useful for my current position is perspective. Everyone builds it in their own ways, and it is something that’s not even measurable, but having the perspective to know it could always be more difficult is a tool I like to utilize often in my day-to-day life.

Justus Pastor
Project Manager

The thing that I learned the most in the military is that I can handle it and balance it. Whatever the “it” might be that day or week – I know I’m built differently, and I can manage it because of what I encountered during my time in service. The military also taught me how very precious life is – managing both spheres of work and motherhood is paramount to the life I get to lead outside the military.

Leah Airt
Associate Director, Operations

Nothing will ever be harder than being in the military!

Eric Stensrud
Associate Director

In the 26 years of Naval service, I learned a lot of tools, but the ones that have had the most impact in my civilian career are: 1. Stay calm in every situation, do not overreact, and take a few minutes or seconds, depending on the situation, to determine the next course of action. 2. Appreciate the people around you and what is important to you in life. 3. You need to take the time to really know your team; then, you will be able to put them in the right spot on the team to make the team successful.

Russell Kuntz
Director, Operations

Steve Archibald

I believe the most valuable private sector skill I took from being in the Navy for five years was working with so many different people from so many diverse backgrounds, not to mention in all kinds of situations and locations. I feel that the emotional intelligence I have today from my Navy experience helps me to be able to work with almost anyone under any circumstance and to remain calm and professional at the same time while doing so.

Steve Archibald
Senior Project Manager

Serving in the Army taught me that leadership is demonstrating a commitment to the overall mission for your team, and nesting that mission within the overall intent or vision of the leadership team brings organizational success.

Matt Brooks
Senior Project Manager